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Hearing Aids in Airdrie

by ProSound Hearing on April 02, 2018

Best Hearing Aid Sale in Airdrie

In Airdrie, Alberta. Many individuals experience symptoms of hearing loss. Hearing loss is most often caused by noise exposure and as we age we are more likely to experience hearing loss. People tend to lose some of their hearing to a greater or lesser extent during their lives. Approximately 50% of individuals aged 60 or over have some degree of hearing loss. In Airdrie, the Airdrie Pro Rodeo event is a noisy festival, people with hearing loss will have difficulty understanding speech and the Bert Church Live Theatre is also a good example of a noisy environment. In such places, people with hearing loss hear more background noise than speech. iHearing Technology can help reduce noise to speech ratios by making speech frequencies more audible. iHearing Technology also helps reduce noise to speech ratios at outdoor gatherings such as the Airdrie Festival of Lights at Nose Creek Park. At such gatherings, people often talk at the same time making it difficult for individuals with hearing loss to understand speech. Asking others to repeat themselves can be frustrating and it can lead to isolation. iHearing Technology allows people to hear again! Don't let hearing loss affect your life, order online from iHearing Aid. iHearing Services is a mobile hearing aid service available directly thru the internet. If you are at Tower Lane Mall or in the Sierra Springs area you can order online from iHearing Aid, we offer free UPS shipping to Canada & USA.